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August 8, 2009
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As Ash and Misty made their way down to the lagoon…well, more Ash than Misty…they came upon a side path that led down through a lush forest. As they passed it, Ash could feel the fresh air of a cool, salty ocean breeze. Ash turned towards the lagoon and saw that everybody was playing and having fun splashing around in the surf that the small lagoon held. He wanted a bit more alone time to spend with Misty so that he could show her how big he could really get. He turned his head towards Misty who had fallen asleep on his shoulder, probably exhausted from the shock of seeing her traveling partner suddenly turn into something a professional bodybuilder would be jealous of. He gently aroused her from her sleep by rotating his shoulder and smiled at her as her eyes gently fluttered open.

“Hey, Misty,” Ash said softly, “how about you and I go down this path to the beach and hang out there?”
“Wh-what about the others,” Misty replied groggily.
“Ah, there having the time of their lives,” Ash said nodding down the road where the Pokémon were still happily playing in the sun and surf, “It’ll only worry them if we went over there now.”
“Well…OK,” Misty finally agreed, “let’s go have some fun by ourselves.”

Ash leaped into the air in pure joy; however, his new strength in his tree trunk legs caused him to leap so high that he easily cleared the top of the nearest palm tree by a good five feet. He landed with a soft thud on the sandy path and he started off down the path and into the forest.

As Ash trudged through the forest, numerous Pokémon gathered around them to meet and welcome their new guests. A couple Budew hopped down from a nearby branch and landed next to Misty on Ash’s shoulder. Misty giggled and stroked the tops of their heads as a few Kricketot joined in on the fun. As they continued through, the sandy path soon turned loamy and numerous nuts dotted the surface. Normally, Ash would have had a difficult time walking through this barefoot, but his tougher feet made his resistant to even the toughest nutshell. Overhead, a small flock of Pidgey decided to take a break from flying and catch a free ride on Ash’s other shoulder. Even an Aipom cheekily decided to have some fun by attempting to steal Ash’s hat, but on swift glance from Ash deterred it from its little prank and it scurried off through the branches. Once the path started to turn sandy again, marking the closeness of the beach, Ash let Misty down off of his shoulder and sent the other Pokémon on their way back into the forest.

Ash and Misty soon emerged from the forest and came upon the beautiful beach. They were both forced to cover their eyes from the glare gleaming off of the pure white sand until they were both used to the brightness. Ash grinned down at Misty and they both made their way down to the water’s edge. There they jumped into the crystal clear water and decided to swim though the waters and take in what the beach had to offer. Misty grabbed a hold of Ash’s neck and together they sped off down into the water. It wasn’t long before Ash’s massive legs took them far out to sea with the speed to rival that of a cruise ship and Ash decided to stop. While floating underwater, thousands of Pokémon rose up from the depths to bask in the sunlight. Chinchou and Luvdisc circled around the two, creating a stunning show for them to enjoy. Soon that show swam away, only to be replaced by another, and another. Eventually, Misty could hold her breath no longer, having much weaker lungs than Ash had, and she started to motion to Ash to surface. Before he could act, a massive Wailord emerged from the deep and lifted the two straight up and out of the ocean with a massive splash. It then proceeded to take Ash and Misty back to shore where they thanked the kind whale and lay back in the sand and watched it disappear into the mid-afternoon sun.

Soon the sun continued to move through the sky and the pair shortly fell asleep in the warm sun. After about an hour, Ash was woken up by a massive shadow looming over him. Ash slowly opened his eyes and blinked the new figure into focus. Ash groggily stared at the figure until it gave a cheery, “Hey, mate,” where he quickly stood up to his full height. This did nothing to intimidate the man as Ash could plainly see that this guy was just as big and muscular as he was, if not bigger. Ash gave a slight cry as he stood up which woke Misty up with a start and the both took in the intruder of their beach party. The man had deep brown hair that fell down to the bottom of his neck and split down the middle, causing it to look, in Misty’s perspective, like the top half of a heart. His eyes were hidden behind a pair of dark sunglasses, but Misty could sense something about them that made him almost as irresistible as Ash. That, coupled with a body to rival Ash’s, and the fact that he wore a large belt with a massive buckle with the words “World Champion” etched into it made Misty start to stare dumbfounded at him.

“Hey there Muscle Man,” the guy spoke in an Australian accent, “and hello to you too little lady.” He knelt down and took Misty’s hand before taking off his glasses, revealing a set of deep, sparking brown eyes that caused Misty to start to drool a little.
“Hey,” Ash said pushing this new guy up, “just who do you think you are?”
“The name’s Joshua Russell, Muscle man. And I don’t think I ever caught your name now did I,” the stranger said with a cocky smile.
“My name is Ash Ketchum, not ‘Muscle Man,’ and this is Misty, my friend,” Ash replied, pulling Misty over to his side.
“Well then, I guess she’s not your girlfriend then. How do you know she’s even into you? Maybe she’s into ME,” Joshua said.
“Oh please, what girl wouldn’t want to have these for a boyfriend,” Ash replied flexing his large biceps.
“Hmmm, maybe somebody who wants these,” Joshua retorted as he flexed his biceps that caused Ash’s look downright scrawny.

All of this action caused Misty to finally lose her last strand with sanity and she suddenly fell backwards into the sand. Ash and Joshua quickly ran to her side and Ash lifted her up and out of her ever-growing pool of drool and carried her into the shade of a nearby palm tree.

“Tell you what,” Ash said as he stood up, “if you think you’re so great, why don’t we have a little match to see who gets to be Misty’s boyfriend?”
“That sounds good to me mate, but I have to warn ya, I didn’t get this belt for being easy to beat,” Joshua said as he grabbed the buckle of his belt.
“I didn’t expect you to be,” Ash said shaking Joshua’s hand, “Now, let’s grapple!”

Ash and Joshua stood opposite each other in the sand and clasped the other’s hands. As Ash gave the countdown, Misty woke up just in time to see Ash hit “GO” and the two of them to start to grapple.

It was apparent from the very start that Ash was clearly outclassed. Not only did Joshua have much more experience in this, but he also had the size advantage. Ash did manage to put up a good fight though as both boys were pushing their bodies to the limits. Misty almost fainted again from the sight of the thick, snake-like veins that were pulsating with blood running up and down their arms, feeding their massive muscles. After five minutes Ash could feel that the fight was starting to go Joshua’s way. His strength was already starting to leave him and he could feel Joshua slowly pushing him down to the ground. As he was down on both knees, Ash closed his eyes and concentrated, hoping to find some extra strength to pull him through this.

“I can’t lose to this guy,” Ash thought, “I have to do this for MISTY!”

Suddenly, Ash felt a massive surge of strength explode inside of him. Misty and Joshua watched in a mixture of fear and excitement as Ash began to hulk out. Ash’s arms burst with supreme might as the exploded to twice...three…FOUR times their previous size. The rest of Ash’s body followed suit and quickly burst with power underneath his skin. Ash grinned up at Joshua who was starting to show even more strain as Ash slowly stood up, then became even with Joshua again, and then simply towered over the once “World Champion.” Ash grinned wickedly as he put the finishing touches on their match by swiftly knocking Joshua to the ground with only two massive fingers.

Ash helped Joshua back up to his feet and then stood up to his full 10 foot stature. Misty raced over to congratulate Ash on his victory and gawk at his new body. From where Misty stood at the base of Ash’s leg, she was unable to see his head due to his pecs which shot almost two feet out from his body. Underneath them, in their shadow, lied a massive eight pack, each of which was bigger than even one of Joshua’s pecs. What really drew her eyes were the massive trees that jutted out from either side of Ash’s body. It was only after a minute that she realized that those were his arms and this was only after the flexed them as she watched them rise twice as high as Joshua was tall. All of this mass was being held by legs the size of the beams that supported a major overpass highway, only these were over three times as wide. Ash reached down a massive hand and both he and Joshua shook hands.

“That was an intense workout,” Ash said grinning down at the now much smaller Joshua, “how about we do this again sometime?”
“Sounds good mate,” Joshua said, “but next time I doubt it will be so easy.”
“HA,” Ash laughed, “when you can give me a rightful challenge, come seek me out.”
“Will do mate,” Joshua replied, “Until then, I’ll keep training. See ya!”

With that, Ash and Misty said their goodbyes and started back to the lagoon, wondering what the setting sun would bring for them.

The End?
Well, here's the next (and probably last) chapter of the very first story that I put up here. I'd like to thank :iconthenn: for getting me started on this and letting me finish it. And congratulations on getting over 70K pageviews!

Also, if anybody has yet to notice, I have included the wonderful Pokemon artist :iconashysavloy38: into my story since he is the one who gave me the much needed inspiration for the actual plot.

THANK YOU ASHY! I hope you like it! Sorry you had to lose though!
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DarkArcher4 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2010
Isn't Kricketot a bug type Pokemon? And isn't Mist scared of bugs?
pika626 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2010
Yes, but read again and you'll find I took that into account....somewhat.
ggg-2 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2009
one word my friend: SEQUEL! where Ash and Josh have a rematch!
pika626 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2009
SSSSHHHH!!!! Dammit! Don't go giving The NN any ideas! As soon as he gets a whiff of this idea, he'll be all over my ass about it. There's a possibilty, but let's try to keep it low.
TheNN Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2009  Hobbyist Writer

Do I catch a whiff of an idea?...A very, muscular idea.
pika626 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2009
Uhhhhh...NO! No heh heh no. You don't. Uhhhh...crap it's not working...ummmm...You don't have any ideas. These are not the thoughts you are looking for.
TheNN Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Just so ya know, I was actually wanting that in the next chapter anyways.
pika626 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2009
Yeah, I kind of figured that. But it'll have to wait until I finish the other things I have planned. Unless you make it worth my while *wink* *wink*
TheNN Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
I'll find a way to ensnare you at a later date. Do continue with what you have planned for now.
pika626 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2009
Oh I definately will.
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