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November 13, 2009
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
It was a beautiful sunny day in the city of Goldenrod; a beautiful but HOT sunny day. Ash, Dawn, and Brock had traveled to the Johto region to take part in their Battle Frontier Challenge. Shortly after arriving in Goldenrod City, the group split up in order to take in the sights. Dawn, Brock, and Pikachu left to find Misty who was taking them to the shopping center. Ash on the other hand decided to take in the local sights and left to explore the rest of the city.

As Ash made his way through the streets, passing numerous tourist groups and market stands, he began to worry about his upcoming Frontier battle. He had barely managed to win his last symbol, how was he going to defeat the rest of them? Eventually he found his way into a large circular area filled with brand new buildings. While many of the buildings looked like residential homes, one looked to be a fitness center with a large white sign placed in the window reading "GRAND OPENING."

Ash stared at the sign and peered through the window behind it. The building looked pretty empty aside from a lone man with spiky brown hair sitting as a desk reading a magazine. Ash shrugged and turned around and began to walk back down the street. However, he stopped when he heard a voice cry out from behind him.

"Wait, sir," the voice called to him, "how would you like a free fitness lesson?"

Ash turned around to see the same brown-haired man he had seen through the window. He was very handsome, with sparkling blue eyes and perfect white teeth. He stood just a few inches taller than Ash, which gave the young trainer a view of what looked to be a Machoke's body with a human head perched on top of it. Large pecs jutted out from a bright red tank top which looked to be a size too small as Ash could see almost two rows of abs popping out of the bottom. With no sleeves to obstruct them, the man's arms were free to do as they please; with biceps nearly as big as Ash's head.

"Sorry to bother you," the man said reaching out his hand, "my name's Hank. I saw you peering through the window just now and thought you might want a free lesson. It's our grand opening today and we want to get the word out."
"My name's Ash," he replied shaking Hank's hand, "I'd love to have a free lesson and help spread the word."
"Great," Hank exclaimed placing his hand on Ash's back, "then let's go in."

As the two entered the gym, Ash could see that the place didn't really scream the word "fitness." The whole room consisted of nothing more than the desk Hank was sitting at and a door leading to a back room. There was no exercise equipment, no weights, not even a thin blue mat in sight.

"Kind of empty don't you think," Ash asked as Hank led him through the room.
"Empty," Hank wondered. "This is just the receptionist's office. There's not going to be anything here. No, all the equipment we need is behind this door."

Hanks opened the door and Ash could see that the building was much deeper than it looked from the front. A long hallway stretched out before him and divided into three separate hallways. Reading the signs, Ash could see that the right one lead to the showers and lockers, the middle to a large pool, and the left to a large metallic door with a large padlock. Hank ushered Ash into the locker room where he told Ash to change into nothing but a pair of red swimming trunks. Ash did as he was told and placed his clothes into a locker and left to meet Hanks back in the hallway.

"Wow," Hank exclaimed as he caught sight of Ash's skinny body, "it's a good thing you agreed to this. You seriously need some meat on those bones. Come on, let's get you pumped up."

Ash followed Hank back down the hallway wondering exactly how they were going to help him get bigger in only one lesson. He didn't have to wait long as Hank led him to the large metallic door, typed in the password, and swung the heavy door open and pushed Ash in. Ash looked around the room he was just pushed into. There was nothing in here either! The walls were colored a deep grey and that was all there was to see in this crummy place.

"So how are we supposed to pump me up if there's nothing here," Ash demanded.
"With this," Hank answered clapping his hands. A long chain fell from the ceiling and dangled itself in front of Ash's nose. "This is the key to our gym's success. It's a wonderful invention we like to can the "Pull and Buff." Go ahead and give it a yank."

Ash nervously grasped the handle and gave the chain a good hard tug. Immediately he felt the effects; a massive surge of strength coursed through his arm and through the rest of his body. As the surge of energy faded away, Ash wanted to feel it again. He gave the chain two more tugs with all of his might and was blasted off of his feet by a massive wave of electricity that shot through his system.

"Are you alright Ash," Hank asked as he helped him to his feet.
"Yeah, I think so," Ash replied while holding his head. "What just happened?"
"I'm not sure," Hank said, "that's never happened before. Maybe it's malfunctioning. I mean, your body hasn't changed at all. Why don't you go get changed and I'll meet you back at the front desk?"

Ash took Hank's advice and headed out the metallic door and down the hallway into the locker room. He took off his trunks and stood naked in front if the full-length mirror.

"What's wrong with me," Ash wondered as he stared at his reflection, "I almost let down my Pokémon during that last match and now I can't even make myself look less like a scrawny little wimp."

Ash sighed as he looked down at his body; Hank was right, he was nothing but skin and bones. There was barely any muscle in sight. Even his supposed "manhood" was downright miniscule. He sighed again and began to get dressed. He managed to get his jeans, black undershirt, and shoes and socks on before he decided to look at himself in the mirror again.

This time what stared back at him was not the scrawny little wimp from a few moments ago. This time is was the same old Ash, filled with unbridled enthusiasm and confidence. He smiled at his reflection this time.

"Maybe I'm not sure a wimp after all," Ash thought. "Yeah, who needs the Pull and Buff? I've got plenty of my own inner strength!"

Ash's grin grew even wider as he thought this; however, the grin was cut short by a massive jolt of energy coursing through his body. His entire body seized up. His arms became locked at his sides and his head could only face his reflection.

Ash watched in the mirror as he heard a loud ripping sound coming from below him. He looked down in time to see his feet burst through both his shoes and socks, growing to nearly three times their original size and digging the rubber into the floor. He continued to watch as the energy flowed from his feet and into his legs. Just as with his feet, his legs began to grow; pulsing and retreating, expanding and contracting until his jeans could not take the pressure anymore. Finally his jeans were shredded to bits with a satisfying RRRRIIIIIIIPPPP! Ash looked down at new telephone poles that had sprouted from beneath his torso. Calves as thick as the Hope Diamond and just as hard were perched on top of feet the size of shoe boxes, and perched on those were thighs as wide as tires. The energy didn't stop there, however, and made its way up Ash's spine, curving it slightly, and into Ash's arms, creating a vast system of veins that snaked their way down his skinny arms and onto his hands. The growth began in his shoulders as they burst with muscle once, twice, and then three times; erasing his sleeves from existence and growing to the size of medium beach balls. Next came the biceps, and Ash watched in a mixture of shock, horror, and joy as the muscle fought for space on his once tiny arm. Just like his shoulders, Ash's biceps ballooned three times before finally resting at the size of basketballs. The growth continued the same for his forearms as two horseshoes formed under his skin. Finally his hands joined the growthapalooza as each finger lengthened and thickened; becoming sausages while his palms expanded to the point where he could hold softballs and still have room for more. The energy began to move once again and flowed into his chest. Just as with his legs, Ash could see his pecs heave in and out, pushing the very limits of his shirt. After a few moments of this tug-of-war, his back joined in, widening his body so much that his shirt had no chance. It burst from his skin with the same satisfying RRRRIIIIIIPPPPP as before. This didn't slow the growth down one bit. Ash continued to become wider as his lats flared to the sides and his pecs forced their way into the airspace in front of his chest. The growth finally stopped, leaving Ash with wings so wide that a parachute was no longer a necessity for him to skydive and pecs that looked like two halves of a classroom globe had been glued beneath his skin. The growth may have stopped, but the energy did not. It eventually resided in his stomach. The energy didn't stay there for long as it slowly made its way towards Ash's head. As the energy continued its course, Ash watched as two packs of abs burst from his stomach in its wake, followed by a second row, and third, and finally a fourth; creating a solid eight pack of abdominals and obliques that could stop even a Hitmonchan's punch. As the energy continued to move upwards once again Ash watched as his already small waist shrank almost an inch on either side. The resulting v-taper created by his expanded back and small waist was so wide that there's no comparison to its width. Finally, the energy came to a rest in Ash's neck as his traps rose up higher and higher, eventually reaching his ears and creating a pyramid with Ash's head as its tip.

The energy finally disappeared and Ash was free to move again. His first bout of movement was to raise his hands high into the air, feeling the weight of his new arms, and bringing them down into a mighty double-bicep which caused his already sizeable biceps to explode off of his arms with sheer power and strength. Ash's look of shock quickly turned back into a grin. This time it was a grin of arrogance. He knew he was now the strongest human in the world now. He began to feel the rest of his new body. He slid his hands down his pecs, running them through the crevice between the slabs of concrete and down over his abs. As he reached his pelvic region, he felt one last spark of energy fly into the last bit of jeans that had survived and into his member. Ash felt a mixture of intense and euphoric joy and eroticism as he watched his jeans expand further and further until a one foot fire hose burst out attached to large baseballs that dangled between his thighs.

Ash's grin became even wider as he gazed upon his new member, and in a fit of euphoric and erotic pleasure let loose a beastly RRRRROOOOOOOAAAAARRRRRR and pounded his concrete chest with his godly arms. Ash completed his primal burst and began to huff and puff, but not out of exhaustion, to watch his pecs rise and fall in front of his face. He grinned again and continued to flex his new body; watching it in all its glory in the mirror.


Back in the waiting room, Hank was busy reading his magazine. As he flipped through the pages, he began to feel earth shaking thuds. He began to look around the room and outside as the thudding got louder and stronger. Suddenly the door to the hallway burst open and a completely naked Ash stomped his way into the room, leaving large footprints in the tiling of the floor. He stomped over to where Hank was standing with his mouth wide open, grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him down to eye level. Even though Hank was still taller than Ash, seeing as how Ash had not grown a single inch in height, he was completely overpowered by the ten year old trainer.

"So you think I'm weak," Ash asked the cowering Hank. "You think THIS is weak," he asked as he flexed his mountainous bicep and slamming Hanks face into it. "You thing THESE are skin and bone," he asked as he stuck Hank's head into his massive pecs and ran it down the length of his torso. "Look who's the weakling NOW!"

Ash set Hank back up in his fully locked position, took a few steps back, and did a most-muscular pose so intense that Hank could have sworn that he saw the boy's body gain another inch of musculature on his tiny frame. This was the last thing Hank saw that day however because he passed out from Ash's ungodly physique.

"That's what I thought," Ash said cockily. "Now to find some pants. I can't go out into public with these hanging out," he said cupping his new genitalia, "but with muscles like these, I don't think anybody would complain."

He flexed his biceps, kissed each of them, and began to run his tongue along the network of veins the snaked along his favorite muscle, feeling the rich, warm blood pulse pure power into his engorged arm.

Once he was done admiring himself again, he began to search for a new pair of pants. Finally he found the perfect pair: the set of jeans the Hank was wearing. Ash reached a big, meaty hand down and grabbed hold of Hank's waistband. He unbuttoned them and, in one swift motion, tore Hank straight out of his pants. He then proceeded to pull them on. Eventually he managed to squeeze both his legs and his new member into the jeans. It was a very tight fit, but Ash had a solution to that. He tensed his calves and immediately the material gave way, bursting into tiny pieces of shrapnel that flew across the entire room. He grinned at the resounding conclusion and did the same for his thighs. Thankfully, the jeans knew just where to stop ripping as to cover his huge manhood.

Ash grinned again and began to take quick steps towards the door. With one almighty push, or a simple flick of the wrist, the door flew off its hinges and Ash wedged himself through the opening and out into the now bustling streets. As soon as Ash stepped onto the pavement, he leaped up, high into the air, over the heads of bystanders, and landed with a crash that shattered every window in the surrounding building. People watched in a mixture of fear, awe, and arousal as Ash began to walk towards the exit to the rest of the city and held their breath as he stopped in the middle of the street.

Ash flexed his biceps once again, lowered them, and looked down at his massive hands.

"All of this power coursing through me," Ash thought to himself, "I wonder what Misty will say when she sees me now."

He gave a laugh as he bounced his new pecs up and down, causing numerous people to faint around him. With that, Ash performed a double-bicep, jutted his pecs out, flared his lats, and tensed his legs. He let loose one final RRRRRROOOOOOAAAAARRR and the last thing everybody saw before passing out was the boy burst with another foot of pure muscle.

Ash grinned even wider and began to stomp his way into Goldenrod City.
Well, I was feeling rather pumped up after my ABBA concert yesterday. So I finally found just enough inspiration to pull this out. It's my version of phoenix's origional P&B idea. This time with a delayed reaction


Warning, contains nudity in some places and references to the male sexual organs. Labeled as Mature for obvious reasons.
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